FAST Results 2.0

Launched in September 2023, FAST Results 2.0 is the latest release of the inspirational Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) MyResults, hosted proudly by studios. Its predecessor contains individual performances for thousands of athletes. 

Athletes can log into FAST Results and access in real time how they are going. The focus is 100% on the efforts of the individual. Each week their performances are added to FAST Results. For Athletes who have been anxiously waiting to see just how much they have been improving Week In, Week Out – FAST Results reporting adds to the excitement and fun of doing Athletics. 

FAST Results is mobile friendly. It’s intuitive interface and two factor security make it ideal for accessing personal efforts on the go. 

FAST Results is all about the individual and doesn’t rank their efforts against others. FAST Results is all about positive reinforcement at home. FAST Results tracks the following: how many PBs you have achieved over the season, individual event progression by week, amount of improvement achieved, and feedback on which events the athlete is showing the most promise. 

The backend system contains results for championships, carnivals, and inter club events regardless of where the athlete has competed. Performances of athletes at ACT and national championships are also entered into FAST Results, making it the most comprehensive repository of performance data in Canberra. 

FAST Results 2.0 is built on PHP and supported by MySQL’s Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). In the dynamic world of web development, PHP and MySQL stand out as indispensable tools for building robustdatabase-driven applications. FAST Results 2.0 is a truly world-class Web application built on Australia’s trusted provider of high-quality and reliable website services. 

For more information on FAST Results 2.0 please contact Canberra Sprint Coach, Steve Dodt.